The Tarrowburn Prophecies

What to Know: Starting with A Thousand Years to Wait, The Tarrowburn Prophecies trilogy follows the story of Reina di Bianco from young, small town healer to reluctant Chosen One to the White Sorceress, Bringer of Life as she and her companions unravel the mysteries of a world gone mad.

Book 1 acts as a standalone novel, but if you like the characters and want to read on, there are new faces and greater adventures in books 2 and 3.

Content Warnings: Book 1 features a non-explicit attempted rape scene necessary for our heroine to discover certain aspects of her power. All three books contain mild violence.


Map of Liron created by Cae Storms, copyright 2022.

Cast of characters across books 1 – 3. Images rendered by using They aren’t perfect, but they’re close.