Want to know what I’m up to? Here’s a short list of what I’m currently knee-deep (okay, maybe eyeball-deep…) in writing, revising, or querying.

WILL OF TIME – Adult Commercial Fiction (Speculative)
Complete at 87k words
Current WIP stage: Shelved: I love you, Will, but it’s not meant to be.

MIT university professor Will Grey was once one of the youngest child prodigies ever born and he’s always been fascinated with time travel. When he and his graduate student, Elise, discover that time travel is possible, they are met with a shocking surprise. Contrary to what all time travel books and movies emphasize, Will is actually supposed to interfere with the space-time continuum.

After Will inadvertently kills Einstein on his maiden time travel voyage, he discovers that history requires intervention on his part. But MIT administration threatens to shut down Will’s project in a month’s time, leaving Will and Elise to fast-track their efforts to keep history on course. Jumping between times and places across the globe, Will discovers that history isn’t as far removed from his own life as he had once thought and that his actions reap consequences he couldn’t have imagined. Unless Will is willing to risk it all, everything he knows and loves will cease to exist!

WITCHLING – Dual POV Young Adult Fantasy
Complete at 93k words
Current WIP stage: Querying

Servant girl Alaris K’ahlanik finds out about her family’s gift the hard way when she discovers her ability to dreamwalk after being thrown in the Cells. She uses her newfound ability to spy on the emperor who appears to be searching for something of importance. Nothing the emperor wants could possibly be good for the people he rules, and so whatever the emperor is looking for, Alaris must find first.

Throlani Guardsman Kagan Liis has served the Empire since Emperor Pa’tuk’s reign began eight years ago. He can also communicate with a vicious oracle referred to only as the darkness. When the darkness tasks Kagan with finding out more about the Servant girl in the Cells, Kagan takes on a special mission that will require more than his usual interrogation methods of brute strength and intimidation.

From vastly different echelons of the same tribal society, Alaris and Kagan are surprised to learn they share one important goal—ensuring the best for the people of their island nation. Alaris discovers what the emperor is looking for — a dragon, but warning a senile dragon against impending danger isn’t an easy task! Together, Alaris and Kagan must save a forgetful dragon and a divided nation…which may mean giving up any hope of saving themselves.

MARIT, UNSANCTIONED – Multiple POV Young Adult Fantasy
Status: 97k words
Current WIP stage: With Round 1 Beta-readers

I’ll be honest… I don’t have a synopsis for this one yet. But it involves platonic friendship, enemies to friends, enemies to lovers, and forbidden magic. All the tropes I love. Oh, yeah, and kickass young women.

In a world that looks something like this: