Birds of a Feather



What’s that old saying? Birds of a feather flock together, right?

One of my favorite parts about writing is connecting with other writers. Odd thing for a self-proclaimed introvert to say, maybe, but it’s true. Some of my writer friends have been on the journey with me since our early college years and others are those I’ve met only recently online and at writing workshops.

One of these particular friends signed with a small press last year and her supernatural romance set in 13th century Scotland, A Hundred Kisses, comes out in just over two weeks on May 17th! (Psst – you can preorder it here!) This is almost as exciting as publishing my own work, and I truly mean that.

Jean M. Grant offers the perfect example of what persistence looks like and how it ultimately pays off. You see, A Hundred Kisses is actually her fourth novel, but she’s been querying and aiming to get published since novel number one. How do I know? I’ve been one of her beta-readers since she began writing novels in the late nineties. I read and offered my input on each of her first three books.

Though I can’t take any credit for the success of A Hundred Kisses, I still like to remind Jean of the fact that I had so much confidence in this book being published that even after I tore apart the grammar, the syntax, the plot, and the character motivations while reading the first draft, I was also quick to leave an encouraging note on her final page.

“This is IT! This is the book that gets published. I am 100% certain of it! Congratulations!”

And I meant it!

If you are looking for a delightful romance with an element of the supernatural, and you love Scottish history, preorder A Hundred Kisses!  You’ll be supporting a debut author’s hard work and passionate persistence, and I promise you’ll love the story! (Um, a handsome Scotsman on a political mission and a sassy, cursed heroine with the power to see auras – what’s not to love?)

And after you’ve read A Hundred Kisses, keep your eyes on the lookout…because Jean’s next book is even better!

Happy reading!

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